Mummy's Yummys Design
Identity & Image

Mummy’s Yummys

Is a north american company offering traditional gastronomic products from Argentina (home of its owners) which are adapted to suit the taste and customs of the Us market.

Mummy’s Yummys is a gastronomy products startup based in New York. We are talking about original Argentine recipes that have been adapted to the American palate over the last 20 years. The company knows the right fusion can be enjoyed by its customers, and Chimichurri is their first product.

We began by developing the brand identity in order to convey the idea of homemade flavor so that the product can be set apart from industrial products. The second step was to develop the packaging design.We are currently working on Mummy’s Yummies’ tone & manner and its website. There, users will access the e-shop, find out more about their products, and the different recipes the company recommends to enjoy its products.