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Green Road Design

360º Development

Green Road is a start-up in the field of biomimicry, the science that studies nature as a source of inspiration to find sustainable solutions to current issues such as climate change and future resource scarcity. So, for example, by researching the skin of sharks, a paint for boats was created which makes them have lower water resistance for faster sailing and less fuel consumption.

Head of Creative: Hernan Sen | COO - Chief Operating Officer: Valeria Castellano

Green Road

Is a biomimicry open space for sustainability. Its aim is to motivate people and companies alike to discover how nature can inspire us to improve our products, services and designs. The organization is aligned to the goals of sustainable development proposed by the United Nations.

When Marcelo Araus – founder of Green Road and specialist in biomimicry – told us about the project, we accepted without hesitation for two reasons: First, the idea of taking yet another step in our ethical responsibility statement towards the environment appealed to us; also, we understood that we were collaborating with a passionate entrepreneur whose dream is to make it possible for people to discover, understand and get involved in biomimicry. That is Green Road’s brand proposition.

Because we were working with a start-up, we went for a full 360 development. We started with a complete brand concepting proposal starting from the naming, claim and Brand Proposition all the way to the definition of the Visual Identity System. This was also accompanied by the Brand Book, which was finally applied to Green Road’s website. The site is now online, and its SEO friendly contents are hosted on green servers (Greenhost) on the initiative of Dandy. Sustainability is at the heart of Greenhost’s DNA. Their servers (https://greenhost.net) employ 100% wind energy from wind turbine generators located in the Netherlands.

Site: https://greenroad.bio