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We are Dandy.
We are flexible. We are global. We are customer fit.

Hernan Sen Director Dandy

Dandy is driven by data. We Dandies are powered by data. Passionate about applied technologies, we know the correct data analysis gives us a deep understanding of each case which leads to a full coloring of company communications. Precision Marketing campaigns make us understand what to communicate to each market segment and what the key message should be. When creating a script for a spot such knowledge is essential. And, when designing a brand, packaging, or landing, we know which direction to go.

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Telling people that which engages their interest is key for brands to approach their consumers in a non-invasive way.

Our 3 specialists are the building blocks of a new and true 360. In recent years we have seen how companies, in their quest for the professionalization of each communication area, ended up working with 5 or more agencies and creative studios. The thing was, agencies promised to cover each and every specialization, but only focused on 1 or 2 areas at most. Diversifying seemed a good idea at first, but became a practical nightmare for companies’ mkt management, which had to deal with multiple suppliers while striving to achieve homogeneous communication.

That’s why at Dandy we reinvented ourselves by focusing on the things we really know how to do. We have specialists in 3 areas: Digital, Design and Advertising. These creative minds are responsible for each department, which may well be independent studios. They work in an ecosystem that allows each client to have a homogeneous 360, with 3 truly specialized areas for each service.

Valeria Castellano Digital Dandy [email protected]
Mónica Iturralde Design Dandy [email protected]
Pilar Puig Lómez Creative Dandy [email protected]