Estudio Dandy | “Attributes” campaign
Telecentro Advertising
“Attributes” campaign

The goal of the campaign was quite clear: keep on boosting Telecentro’s quality perception. This is how “Attributes” came to be. It is Telecentro’s first traditional, data-driven advertising campaign.


Telecentro is an Argentinean telecommunications company operating since 1990 which offers cable television, digital fixed telephony and Internet services in the country.

5 spots were created to communicate the brand’s main USP and face its competition. But, where did we get our ideas from? From data we previously analyzed so as to understand which assets were most valued by the different audiences we wanted to reach. We noticed that several of these attributes such as the fastest internet, Wi Fi on the street, 4k, voice control, and the lowest price were unique to Telecentro and not offered by the competition.

Using a classic split-screen feature coupled with an always effective dose of humour, we stated that Telecentro gives you more and charges you less. Not much to think about, make the jump to Telecentro.