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Unilever Design

Concept Testing

This project came to life after a call from Unilever London, in which we were asked to develop concepts to test before hitting the market.

Head of Creative: Hernan Sen | COO - Chief Operating Officer: Valeria Castellano


Is a British-Dutch multinational company created in 1929. During the second half of the 20th century, it diversified and expanded its operations worldwide. In 2015, Unilever shifted its focus to health and beauty brands.

Together with Tribu -the data-driven strategic marketing agency- we undertook a series of investigations that proved people’s habit of using different fragrances in different parts of the body. That is, a person chooses a fragrance according to the part of the body where he or she wants to apply it (hands and feet, face, chest and thighs, etc.).

This is how we came up with “Body parts”, a concept from which we developed 4 mock-ups for the AXE line of products and 5 for the Dove line. Finally, after testing, the concept was eventually applied and used as a sub-brand within the company.