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Influencers Campaign

We created a comprehensive on/off campaign to boost the arrival of Argentina’s first voice-operated remote control, a new technology from Telecentro.

Head of Creative: Hernan Sen | COO - Chief Operating Officer: Valeria Castellano


Is an Argentinean telecommunications company which has offered cable television, landline telephones and digital Internet services since 1990.

For the launch, we created a series of PR releases, as well as a strong influencer campaign where we gave them the voice-operated remote controls and let them create reactionary content that brought out laughs and smiles. We got greater reach from different audiences through Instagram stories and spread the news through the influencer content.

Telecentro: Hello Santi! Welcome to the future. It’s true. Now, with Telecentro’s remote control you can control your tv with your voice.

Santi: Wow! It was my dream when I was a kid. Can I still have the remote control if I don’t have the tv?

Telecentro: Of course not Santi! But if you want, we can give you a tv so you can use it.

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