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NutriBaby Web

We re-launched the NutriBaby site, not just by refreshing a simple look and feel, but by revitalizing it completely. Our digital and design specialists managed to modernize the site by making it a user-centric model. Now there’s a better navigation experience that makes online shopping at nearby points of sale easier to understand and access. It’s based on the geolocation of each person or household.

Head of Creative: Hernan Sen | COO - Chief Operating Officer: Valeria Castellano


Is the brand of premium formula milk from the nutritional division of Roemmers Laboratories (the #1 laboratory in Argentina and Latin America, with global reach in the United States, Europe and Asia).

The site was built with all the tech requirements needed to run digital campaigns, and by optimizing the user journey and the UX strategy, we can drive users to specific pages based on their interests.