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WiFi in the street campaign

Upload, share, download, listen, answer. Today we are connected 24/7, and yet our WiFi is never good enough. That’s why Telecentro decided to launch a new technology that allows them to have the largest WiFi network in the country and give subscribers one of the benefits they value the most: free Internet in the streets. Connect once and your cell phone will link to other nodes or spots nearby on its own.

Head of Creative: Hernan Sen | COO - Chief Operating Officer: Valeria Castellano


Is an Argentinean telecommunications company which has offered cable television, landline telephones and digital Internet services since 1990.

We developed a launch campaign for print and out-of-home. We also created a TV spot with alternate versions designed and edited exclusively for online media. And we set up an online Precision Marketing campaign, which constantly analyzes consumer interactions and optimizes the experience. This is how we got the news out. If you’re on the street, Telecentro gives you free Internet.